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Prop trading - hedge fund careers
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Forex Trading Advantages

Forex, also known as foreign exchange, has many advantages over stocks and futures for both day trading and swing trading. Some advantages are:

Free forex training

One of the main reasons traders fail is because of a lack of knowledge or experience. Free training is an advantage of working with our firm. Join the ranks of new and experienced traders that have been trained by Forex Trading USA. Find out more about our free training. You can also read plenty of free information about the forex market and trading in our FX education section.

Trade currencies at your convenience

A currency trader can pick the most convenient trading hours for him or her, even when the stock market is closed.

Can start trading with a $250 account

FX trading requires a lot less money than day trading stocks. With us, you can start with US$250 or more.

Free Trading Platform

The online forex trading platform to trade your account is also free.

Tight Bid/Ask Spreads

Small forex spreads on both regular and mini accounts.

Lower Margin Requirements

A margin requirement as low as 0.5% (200 to 1 leverage) is a lot lower (higher leverage) than that of stocks and futures (increasing leverage increases risk).

Less currencies to focus on

There are tens of thousands of securities in the stock market to choose from. In the FX market, a trader can concentrate on the 5-6 major currencies.

No short-selling restrictions

Unlike stocks, selling a currency short is just as easy as buying it.

See a detailed list of trading advantages.

managed forex accounts

Managed Forex Accounts

Managed account traded by professional traders. Register for a request more information.

forex introducing broker

Introducing Brokers (IB's)

Find out about the Forex IB program. Qualified individuals and institutions welcomed as introducing brokers.

forex training

Forex Training

Learn how to trade currencies with our free, live training over the Internet and how to get funded.

prop trading

Proprietary Trading

Is a career in FX trading for you? As a prop trader, you might qualify to trade for hedge funds or our clients.

Forex Education

This free education section will give new traders basic information on currency trading and the FX markets. Read this section before registering for our free demo. Click here to go to the free education section.

FX Robot

Designed by experienced traders and money managers. Manages your account looking for short-term opportunities. The managers monitor the account on an ongoing basis. Go to the forex robot page.

Talented Forex Day Traders Wanted

Are you a talented day trader that would love to manage money in the forex market for our clients? Go to the prop trading section for more info.

Forex Training Courses

Our professionals teach FX training courses and forex seminars to various groups and individuals. You can either travel to South Florida to take a course or we could send a professional to your location to train you or your staff. Click here for more information on courses and seminars. We also offer forex mentoring to our traders. It's the closest thing to attending a forex school.

Free Forex Demo

Find out why forex trading is becoming so popular in the day trading community. Sign up for a free FX demo today.

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