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Trading Computer

For help related to your day trading computer or workstation, fill out the request form below.

Day trading computers to trade forex can be set up in many different ways. The trading computer can be a simple with only one 17-inch CRT monitor or a super workstation with two, four, eight, or more flat screen LCD displays. It is up to the forex trader to determine what computer system he really wants.

Forex traders that want a top-of-the-line, multiple-monitor system made for trading might be disappointed with all the pre-configured systems offered by direct vendors like Dell or by electronic retail outlets like Best Buy or Comp USA. That is the reason why we refer traders to computer experts that are experienced in setting up trading workstations. Even though it is not required to have a super computer for forex day trading, traders that want a professional to build a trading computer for them, can fill out the form below. Also traders that require consulting in any matter related to trading computer or network set up, can also fill out the form. This information is then forwarded to the computer professionals we use. We want to make it very clear that Forex Trading USA does not get compensated in any way for doing this. We do this just to make the life of our customers who need specific computer assistance easier.

Fill out the trading computer help request form below as completely as possible.

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After you submit the trading computer request form above, your information will be forwarded to computer professionals with expertise in the set up and maintenance of computers for day trading and other financial activities.


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